The Blaming Game Testo

Testo The Blaming Game

Take this medicine
Drugged with misconception
We make great enemies
Pointing fingers often but at who?
Those most like you?
Power is easy to sustain
when they create poor on poor crime
Starve the dogs for a week
Fence them in they'll fight until they feed
We're doing the same thing
Reassess who you've been blaming

There's a blue sea of police
They've come to take the weak
There's a brand new cell waiting for you to find it
And we all help pitch in to buy it

You can't justify this contempt you hold without reason
We've got the media deciding what to believe in

The children have been sedated
Pleasantly pixilated
Tied them to an anchor then we marvel when they drown
They steal our lives and we support it
Every dollar used to break us
You and I can care less but we both pay dearly for it