Sit Pretty Testo

Testo Sit Pretty

Lines and rows, rows and lines
Boundaries you don't dare go outside
Take your beating with a smile
Everything is now for sale

What's the price of a stolen life?
What's the salary to line up like a soldier?
Then march into the sea?

Seen and heard about their new advances
King convenience got a new crown
I'd rather be left behind
Then be a well trained failure

So let's take a commercial break
Pause this masterpiece
The only words from our sponsors are
"you can't have anything"

There's a window I've been trying to look out
There's some scenery I've never seen before
But a few say this cannot be allowed
Keep your heads and hands inside
Keep your single file lines
Keep it to yourself

Voices said to me
You don't need a fucking cubicle to be free
I'll sit all alone and play guitar for hours
In this crumbling room I call home now
Who's to say that dreams are not allowed
Can you understand me now?
I'm screaming it loud

I step back and take a look in from the outside
I see neon signs and traffic lights and lost time