Get Off The Wagon Testo

Testo Get Off The Wagon

Well I did myself some thinkin'
and I gave up all the drinkin',
And threw my cigarettes in the trash,
Thought I'd live a little longer prob'ly get a little stronger,
Even save myself a little cash,
Now my friends they started snorin',
I guess I'm getting' borin',
My girl-friends keep walkin' out on me,
There' s this voice keeps on naggin' -get off the wagon,
Get back how you used to be!

[chorus] Get off the wagon!
You're young boy, you ain't getting' old,
Get off the wagon and stop doin' what you're told.

If the truth be told, I was a lively little soul,
Even socialisin' without the aid of booze,
But when it carne to meetin' women,
my head would start a-spinnin',
And l' d wind up starin' at my shoes,
So let the angels kiss my ass,
l' m gonna lift up my glass,
And welcome my good ol' self back,
If you give me enough rope,
Im gonna wind up smokin' dope,
Droppin' acid, snortin' coke and smokin' crack!


As I lift up my flask I can hear y' all ash,
Ain't ya worried 'bout the damage boozin' does?
When my liver starts complainin'
and my heart it starts a-strainin',
I'll find myself some gas that I can buzz!
Guess I'll turn over a page when I reach my old age,
Provided I actually get there,
I'll get on the wagon when my chest starts a-saggin',
And I lose all my teeth and my hair!

[chorus x2]