Sweet Young Thing Testo

Testo Sweet Young Thing

She's only twenty years old, such a lively little soul'
Got a tattoo in the middle of her back,
She' s got bright pink hair and all the cats turn and stare,
'Cause she doesn't give a shit about the pack,
Here she comes! She's a real fast driver,
Be it motor car or motorbike,
And if it seems to you l've gone loopy loo,
It's 'cause she's just the kinda woman I like,

Sweet young thing!
Hottest little woman I could find,
Sweet young thing!
She's got me goin' out of my mind,
Sweet young thing!
Another little thing you should know,
Is that my motorized mama goes bama-lama-lama,
And I could never let her go!

She's got the hippest taste in clothes,
with an earring in her nose,
And her hair done up in dreadlock style,
And when she's walkin' down the sreet,
got a bounce in her feet,
And some ballsey word to make y' all smile,
Here she comes! Guess I'll see y'all later,
'Cause we got a lotta stuff to get done,
I ain't seen her in three days now she's gonna make me pay,
Aw hell l'm the lucky one!
[chorus x2]

...my motorized mama goes bama-lama-lama,
My sweet baby she drives me crazy,
My sweet thing goes ring-a-ding-ding,
Let me tell ya 'bout ma baby she' a sweet young thing!