Hey You Testo

Testo Hey You

Well Im standin' here singin'
and a little lady's caught my eye,
Got me actin' all nervous and
I can't work out why,
'Cause she's got the kinda looks,
even make a blind man cry,

Hey you! Yep I'm talkin to you,
Hey you! Don't go makin' me blue,
Hey you! There's so much we can do,
Rock with me baby, all night through.

Well I hope that little lady's gonna
come and take a chance with me,
Ask her out on a date,
even go some place for tea,
Better bring no other man,
there ain't no room for three,


Well I may be poor but I can pay my own way,
I'll even pay yours if I've had a good day
So don't go worryin' 'bout a thing that I do,
'Cause I'll be good to you!


No I hope that little lady ain't
gettin' up and makin' to go,
Better hang on in here until
the end of my show,
'Cause there's so many things
I want that sweetie to know!

[chorus x2]