Hormone Hop Testo

Testo Hormone Hop

Well I been floatin' around in the Hormonosphere,
I been feelin'mighty jumpy, must've been all the beer,
And I seem to fall in love with every pretty little lady I see.
Won't be a cynic at the clic, time to see my quack,
Got find out 'bout the monkey that's on my back,
"Hello Doctor! Now that the hell is wrong with me?"

"See, I'm as high as a kite but i don't use no dope,
so if you'd kindly take a look with your ol'stethascope,
and tell me why my eyes don' t wanna do nothin'but stare!"
He said,"your stomach's doin'fine, your liver's sound-as-a-pound,
But there's a helluva noise comin'up from way down,
Seems to me you've got yoursef a rockin' little party down there!"

"You've got a Hormone Hop!
And it's goin'on inside of you,
All your little chromosomes, your x's and y's,
Are wearin' pink-peg-slacks and yellow bow-ties!"
Hormone Hop!?
What's a guy like me gonna do?
Said,"Find a little lady who'll come Hormone Hoppin'with you!”

"Now it's like spring-fever in the month of July,
but you can get it in December and nobody knows why,
Your eyes won't wanna keep still, keep poppin'out of your face.
Unto a primitive urge you're gonna find yourself prone,
'cause down there they'll be a-blowin' on your hormone-a-phon,
bangin'them drums, rockin' guitar, and slappin' the bass!"

Now there ain't so much I can do 'bout my internal affairs,
'cause down there they'll be a-playin'the musical chairs
the on1y little difference bein'the music that never stops.
So if you see me standin'there with a big goofy grin,
With my pants round my ankles and l've spilled all my gin,
l'm probably wantin' you ,babe to do the Hormone Hop

Hormone Hop!
All your little chromosomes are boppin'the blues,
wearin' pink-peg-slacks and blue suede shoes
Hormone Hop!
What's a guy like gonna do?

'cept find a little lady who'll come Hormone Hoppin'too!