Mini-skirt Testo

Testo Mini-skirt

Strummin' my guitar ,hummin' blue-suede shoes,
sippin' on a jar of jumpin'juniper suice,
my eyes spy somethin',makes my inside hurt,
a chick lookin' slick in that mini-skirt,
Mini-skirt, Mini-skirt,
l'm like a hound-dog diggin' in the dirt,
on my knees when you tease, when you flirt,
mini-skirt .
Now l'm all for liberation and them equal-rights,
and l'm all for Doctor Martens and them stripey-tight.
Or razor-edged pants and a well pressede shirt,
ooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeee !
Mini-skirt , Mini-skirt,
l'm like a like a hound-dog diggin' in the dirt,
wild about the child in that mini-skirt,