The Girl At The Station Bar Testo

Testo The Girl At The Station Bar

I wake up in the morning and it's 7 a.m.
I get down to the station wonderin' who I am,
I order up a coffee and I take my pIace,
and look up and see that pretty, smilin' face
I always take the tram,
I don't ever go by car,
'cause l'm in love, l'm love with the girl at the station bar.

I get back from work and l'm a wreck,
She smiles at me and she's glad to see l'm back,
She says that she's a student but she won't say her name,
And she lifts me up outta my same-ol' -same,
I always...

Here comes my train I better drink up fast,
I better not miss this one ' cause they say it's the last,
Looks like I missed it and l'm stuck here,
She touches my hand and passes me another beer,
I always...