Mojito Joe Testo

Testo Mojito Joe

The sun has set over the sea,
And the lights are way down low,
He's probably had 'bout two or three
Mojito Joe

"Like somethin'stronger, somethin'neat?”
He sips his cocktail, whispers"no",
Watches the bar turn from his seat,
Mojito Joe.
"Mmmm" he whispers softly,
so softly that no-one can hear,
"Mmmm" so softly,
Cou1d that be sheds a tear?

Lilce to think he's got a problem,
Some siren wrecked him long ago,
Rum, mint, lime, and icy memories,
Mojito Joe .

"Mmmm" but not so softly,
and this time hoping that she hears,
"Mmmm" not so softly,
and this time he sheds a tear.

Sips the dregs, finished his glass,
Pays the barman, makes to go,
Step aside and let him pass,
Mojito Joe.
Mojito Joe.
Mojito Joe.