Hormonette Testo

Testo Hormonette

There's a girl you oughta know,
Comes to every show,
Down the very front row,
Y'oughta see her go.
A pair of ice-blue eyes,
A pair of boppin' thighs,
Oh man, what a prize,
Just about my size.


Oh oh oh oh my little hormonette,
Oh oh oh oh I'm gonna get you yet,
Wooo oooh Oh baby, you bet,
I wanna be your pussy cat, ypur puppy dog,
I wanna be your pet.

At the back of the hall,
That chick can ball,
She can shake them all,
Yeah, and that ain't all.

She can shake her pants,
Hell, I mean she can dance,
Gets them all in a trance,
So how's about romance?


Now there's place we can go,
At the end of the show,
Where the light's real low,
And no-one will know!