Swimming Pool Testo

Testo Swimming Pool

Travelled three hundred miles (that's a day on the train),
With a change half way that's a helluva pain,
But it's oh-so-very worth it just to see you again,
You know you've really taken over my brain.
Won't tell nobody, gonna switch off my phone,
They won't know where I am or why I left on my own,
And if they find out, hope they don't take it so hard,
But you've got a swimming pool in your back yard.

Hey hey hey hey hey! What a beautiful day!
We'll be swimming around in our own little personal bay,
Hey hey hey hey hey! You know I'm a fool,
For a boozy little floozy with a swimming pool!

There'll be nobody else, baby, just me and you,
In your house outta town with the incredibile view,
And in that bikini that I bought you, you'll look oh-so-cute,
Who cares if you don't have a chute?!
We'll be sippin' Mai-tais or whatever your taste,
Just sittin' with the water up over our waists,
As we remember how december was so awfully hard,
In the swimming pool in your back yard.


So when the ice is all done and we've squeezed all the limes,
And our back-yard-Bahamas has fallen on hard times,
We'll keep showing the worl what good livin's about,
There ain't no way we're gettin' out,
So like after a week, which is way-too-soon,
They can drag me from the water with skin like a prune,
A beautiful sun-tan hopelessly marred,
By the swimming pool in your back yard.


...Hey hey hey hey hey! We'll be havin' such fun,
We'll be adorin' in the chlorine underneath that hot summer sun...