Shit Faced Testo

Testo Shit Faced

She walked right up to the bar,
And turned every head in the place,
A bright evening star,
With a shy little smile on her angelic face,
The lingering smell of her perfume,
My mouth opened, drool on my lip,
'Cause this, my friends, I know, is not very hip.

But I was shitfaced,
Yeah, I was shitfaced,
Must have been shitfaced,
You'd think I'd learn my lesson,
But every now and then I just get shitfaced.

This should have been my lucky night,
And this was my heaven-sent chance,
I'd play my cards right,
And whisk her away in a wind of romance,
The terribile sound of her laughter,
Still rings in my head to this day,
'Cause ”...............” was all I could say.