Top Of The World Testo

Testo Top Of The World

Singin' my heart out in the evening rain,
An all-weather seranade on Ashton Lane,
Made enough money for a ticket on a southbound train,

A second-hand guitar and a stolen rucksack,
All I thought I needed was all I could pack,
I said “see you later” even though I knew I wasn't comin' back.


So if I sing you a Jimmy Cagney quote,
Sing it through my teeth with a lump in my throat,
I hope you know,
That even though,
I live a thousand miles from home,
I'm on top of the world.

I might be livin' in a bus but it's by the sea,
And when the sun beats down it's over thirty degrees,
There ain't a single day when I don't look about and think “lucky me”.

I drive a beat-up van and not a fast sports car,
'Cause I spent my money on a flashy guitar,
I've come a long way even though I had to go this far.