Campfire Skin (Pt.2) Testo

Testo Campfire Skin (Pt.2)

All the kings men have been searching old wrecks in my head
Where the hell's Donny Spence been? Reading old books he can’t swim.
Oh he’s on the coast, I miss him most.

I’m just drenched from squeezing rainclouds
I go out at night to bring back medals from wars I didn’t fight
Semi-formal Sunday best
Found to black eyes my best yet.

Face to face with some crack head, sandpaper tongue at wits end
Coal miners son at breakfast, medicine man to his friends
Telephone wires circling my hear I was up for bear hugs in your bed
Long shirt with campfire skin

The air feels different mostly, the world is spinning calmly
There's a wall to climb in ocean city and I'm not ready
I go out at night, you get drunk and die.