Sea Legs Testo

Testo Sea Legs

Wash all the mud off your lucky black shoes, show this shitty planet that you care way more than I do. I can’t blame September or the lack of inspiration. I miss the smell of your dirty blonde hair, watching every strand go surfing through your sunroof. I stayed very quiet I was respecting the tradition.

And the satellites exist to guide you home
Some stars are meant to burn alone
It was the dog days that finally let me know
Some stars are meant to burn alone

Visions of you in your tiny rear view, I was fucking wasted thought I would never see you. I really miss your headrest it was my artificial backbone. If you would have known, this wouldn’t be special. If you would have known, I wouldn’t be symmetrical. I was walking with my head down, letting the darkness eat my brain.
I wasn’t clever enough to realize we’re better off in paradise. Sleeping off a Friday night, Tangling up I’m cold as ice.
I drew a picture of my family, it’s just a bunch of people standing around.