Snake Eater Testo

Testo Snake Eater

I’m coming up, my uncle Bill was just in love with doing drugs.
Climbing ladders slamming nails into his thumbs.
It’s ok he hugs his kids every Sunday.
I’m dressing up to feel important while I’m really fucking up.
There’s no shame behind a family haircut.
It’s ok it grows back faster than you think.

Snake eater won’t you eat the snake. Won’t you?
Snake eater won’t you eat the snake?
Hey .01 where were you when I was getting nasty drunk?
Finding friends while Derek mingled with the bums.
It’s ok I know there’s no good in cocaine.
September 1st I’m laying face down in a pile of my words.
September 3rd changed every aspect of my world.
It’s ok we’ll swing dance away on our Fridays.
Like how you spent your Thursdays drinking margaritas until your eyes bleed. I like life more when I can’t see.

Watch out for razors cut your soft tissue I still believe in Mike’s lack of issues.
I had a vision lake side subscription down to the water that’s when we said na na na nana na na

I’ll build a house on a big old hill
Cut my air supply and roll to the bottom
At the bottom plant my body grow a new one.