Kiwi Chant Testo

Testo Kiwi Chant

Angel in red
Don't burn me with your lights
Angel in blue coming down on you
He's coming down coming down coming down down
Angel in red
You can't keep me right
Angel in blue
you cut me down you hold me down
you cut me down
Angel in red

My kiwi

As we wind down the world that we live in
We end where we start and start where we begin
no nothing is fair
no not even when you share
not even when you really care
you give what you get
get what you give
you get what you get and not what you deserve
anyway I'm not so sure that I really wanted
to walk on the same planet as you
and after all this is done and said and done
what the hell can we do?
1 ask me I ask you
revolution? no, no one cares
direct action? no, no one dares
conservation? no, we all want more than we need
preservation? no, it's not based on greed
so tell me, where do we go from here

my kiwi?