So Moved Testo

Testo So Moved

As I struggle with the unfamiliar shapes
Of the life they wanted me to lead
I'm drawing blank as to what to do
I can't make use of that which I don't need

As I struggle to play the wanted role
Give the illusion I'm not so far removed
I find it harder now to find the truth
That the way I'm is not the way I'm viewed
I don't strive to be approved
Or sway to a way which I'm not so moved
I can't live under well kept roofs
That shelter a life to which I'm not so moved

Economic ability -
Buy and sell me a thousand times
Careers until senility -
Make good use of your lives
Denying reality -
People starve, kill, and die
Pretending stability -
Perpetuate another lie
No responsibility -
'The problems of the world aren't mine'