Rebuilding Testo

Testo Rebuilding

Another dream is broken
like glass against the wall
I pick up a piece as token
it cuts deep as I fall

Rising up from the ruins
rebuilding the fallen wall
Another repeat of defeat?
or a chance to see it all...
This time could be different
the balance is not so delicate
and I know what not to touch

And though I know my history
and I don't feel I'm condemned
I've learned the facts and reality
Life is so easy to spend,
dreams are so hard to earn.

There's no point in trying
to reach the unattainable
but there's no excuse in denying
that your past was, present is,
future holds.

Seems we all live in fast forward
and we all want to press rewind
but your life is a one-way cycle,
you're born, you live and you die.