Wrenching Testo

Testo Wrenching

Man's achievements measured
In machinery
His progress documented
By industrial scenery
Can we stop the mechanical hand
That murders nature and rapes the land?

I'm not preaching convention
I'm protesting this excess
Your dubious intentions
Are not for the best
Can we stop...

These towers hold no powers
Dollars can't be spent in lifeless hours
Money motivation holds no station
In the life cycles circulation
The machine age has fatal flaws
That contradict natural laws
That's why we're wrenching the works

How many more monsters do they have to make
Before they realize the gravity of their mistakes
Can we stop...

Concrete, glass, and steel
Do not care how the planet feels
The men who mold it, have bought and sold it
But it's not theirs
Can we stop...

Enough is enough
Can we find a balance?
Or is it too late?