Always Be Sorry Testo

Testo Always Be Sorry

you can blame it on me like you like to do
and i'll always be sorry
and the pain always seems
to seep right through my skin
till i'm nothin down here but your walkin wound
and we go everywhere
just me and you
till you've covered up my sun with your drunken moon

there are people out there who call you a friend
but they don't really know you
they'll just smile at your face
buy you a drink or two
when the lights come up they always do
everyone in this place seems so confused
and they'll get in their cars
drive away from you

you don't mind
talkin to strangers
you don't mind
callin them your friends
but they can love you
if you'd only let them

and you're a scared little boy
that pulls at my hair
but you're not really angry
you just wanted to see if i'd care
enough to turn around
there is darkness in you like i've never seen
every one of your nights is filled with bad dreams
and your days go by
under your bedsheets

and i can't say
how long i've known you
but i can tell
how you've changed me
and i am grateful
but i am angry

then when little boys cry
they say "go on outside
play with your friends"
and they don't understand you
even the ones who tell you
they know you best
like i do
like i did
like you said i would
if things were different

you can blame it on me like you like to do
and i'll always be sorry