Worth Keeping Testo

Testo Worth Keeping

say you're tired
say you're busy
you can lie to me
should come easy
for you have been doin for awhile
look away when i'm talking
please don't say what you're thinkin
you have been thinking for awhile
you have been thinking for awhile
take your hands out of your pockets and hold me
turn your eyes round in their sockets till you can see
the way that i look at you
i am just a ray of sun
you are daylight
im an early mornin
you were a goodnight
and a prayer before i go to sleep
when you could be straight ahead
you go sideways
when you're lyin in your bed it's a long way
from the place that you want it to be
grab a hold of anything that's worth keeping
from your house of flames that you should be leaving
or stay and let it burn you down
let it burn you down