Awakening In Spiritual Madness Testo

Testo Awakening In Spiritual Madness

From a dark part of this realm a light so pure shines.
Through the garden a spirit fades slowly into the night.
In this foggy atmosphere where shadows are keeping alive,
the almighty is rising more infernal than the putrid fire.
Unfolding under all the skies his magestic wings,
for an other decade, the battle, obscurity wins.
In this new dawn of eternal hellish flames,
darker and stronger awaking the king of chaos.

Awakening in spiritual madness, the breath of insanity enthroned with sadness.
A rebirth of blasphemy, in the kingdom is standing the greatest magesty.
As a cold wind of perpetual winter, the mortal season will be held forever.
As the silhoutte of the filthy shadows are dancing on the blood red river.

The call of evil is whispering through the realm leaving a breath of intense insanity.
In this dark night which inspires blaphemy a great moon has awaken on this land of pain.

A burning star is falling from the skies announcing the coming of an age of darkness.
In fury, the suffering slaves are screaming imploring the forgiveness of their lord.
On their knees the lambs are crying for their own fate, this funeral existence is merely pain.
Blinded by the obscure veil of evil, the souls damned by this nightmare are frozen.

Reflected into the paths of eternity, echoed are the smiles and the laughters of the black souls.
Feel the insanity of this opaque obscurity and feel the wrath of the demons, madness is invoked with infamy.

Macabre symphonies whispering through this blackened hell with a touch of evil these melodies will forever dwell.
As a haze invisible to the eyes of this world this insidious chant is cursing with its heretic words.

As the skies are returning to darkness all my hidden desires of evil are attracted by the mooon.
From far away are coming the echoes in deformed fragments of lucidity the images of my ancient memories.