Seasons Of Infinite Sorrow Testo

Testo Seasons Of Infinite Sorrow

So dark are these ways to immortality, so dark are my dreams of sins... Insanity!
As the hands of evil are blinding me, bewildered, , I can't clearly see the light.
Frosted realm of illusion and hate, that's the price... My lonely fate.
Heart frozen in depths of misery, obscurity and ice are my reality,
As a silhouette of frigid figure, at the heart of winter I am now unpure.

No light,no fire to guides me through these path's...
In cold season of infinite sorrow, the aura of death is the only glow.
Isolated from every form of life, I am damned into this forbidden sight.
As I have followed my demons and listened to my dark side.
The shades of dusk have led me to this path...who sow the sins harvest the wrath!

Wandering in solitude through empty time, I am dying slowly deep inside

Reality seems to be disturbed in this icy mirror, reflections of unpure thoughts and terror, driving all consciences in remorse.
Among the shadow of fear and sins, my soul is lost in sadness. In a fog, I disapear silently in darkness!

Victim of grotesque and cruel treachery, I am now merging with wrath and untrue insensibility.

Dead season without passion, realm of agressive confusion. Dark and vast is this black horizon.
How can survive a ray of purity between these lies and words of blasphemies? As a harmful mist I vanish into the eternity.

Imprisoned in time where darkness is all, I stand as a figure frozen by centuries.

As withered leaves lying on the ground, merely decaying without compassion,
my soiled soul is fading gradually in despair drowning my cries in an ocean of grief.
Through the red tide of corrosive deception, I have succombed to the shorter path.
Grasping my will and diving it into mournful distress and into darkness.

Imprisoned in time where darkness is all, lost in this realm of sarcastic serenity

Gropping through darkness I found Satan's path.
Ablazing intensely my inner self with vicious thorns of pure anguish.
The harmful mist of darkness is rising engulfing my lonely entity.
Deep within, I cry silently, Chocked and gripped by the hollow emptiness
that invades my harsh and sinful soul, my screams are extinguished by their own cries.

Inhale by the delightful obscurity, exhale from the garden of purity, dismissing every light and ray, dead, in cold arms I lie.

In the cold season of infinite sorrow, Will I ever see the warm rays of tomorrow?
As I wander between discordant life and death, will I ever forget the touch of winter's breath?
This terrible winter will be my darkened grave as I am completely surrounded by an aura of hate.