Mournful Darkness Testo

Testo Mournful Darkness

Tranquility surfaced the snow, whiped by the coldest wind.
In this sorrowful night, the tears are frozen.
A cold heart of forgotten hope is crying in winter's sight
In a white land of fallen angels where serenity is damned.

In the melancholia of life, the warm blood is the sacrifice.
Mournful darkened cries. In the red wine is the salvation!

Dead kingdom of hate, the angel's wings are frozen.
Beneath these great skies, every will is confined.

Knowledge is lost through the annals of time clearing a path for the prophets of dark lies.
Among the unthruths the answer will be found, lies. From the darkened light will come the scarlet key.

Within the shades of evil, with fury, face the slaughter, the spirits are howling.
Screaming their inner pain at the father's sky, tears of blood are raining.
Surrounded by the obscure lamentations of the unforgiven
Into the barren atmosphere, from the depths,are roaring the thunderous cries.

On its magestic and mythic throne, the bestial Lord is laughting.
Despising the free living creatures made from a part of purity.
The damnation from its inner guts he has cast upon those worms.
In a mysterious incantation, lightning from the skies were triking.

Raising his sadistic armies and legions of blasphemous sinners.
Calling to him his servants, those who are immortal.
Invoking the thousand souls from the hellish graves and those from purgatory
And welcoming those who were dismissed from heaven.

Beneath this mournful darkness, lit by the moon without fire to warm the lost frozen soul, the spirits of evil are awoken.

From the very somber corners of the vast and dark horizon the black flags of the king of destruction are raised with power.
Announcing the infernal march against God's every creation. The light will be forever invaded by darkness