From Within The Fire Of Eternity Testo

Testo From Within The Fire Of Eternity

Following the dance in the morbid twillight, within the fire of eternity is the salvation.
In rapture face the blessed skies, the heretic ritual is now begun.

As a roaring demon striking the ground from the darkened night,
From far beyond have come the spirits called by these praises,
Emerging from the flames of blasphemies
At the time where the cult has taken its highest point of abhorrence.

Violence and carnage are dancing in the beholder,
Blood and fury are waking from their sleep
Imposing the rules of the deepest pits,
The old laws of the flames of blasphemies.
Made from knowledge of yore,
From the past, time of darkened gore.
Satanism is the symbol of purity, from within this fire of eternity.

Through the ground flows the cinders of infamy,
Salvation is in the eternal fire.
The reign of suffering will end tonight,
This requiem will clarify the soiled corpes.
In the light of fury burns the souls
Preparing for the rebirth.
Under the shades of the old trees... born to rule this world... the antichrist...

From the night emerges the heretic chants... Unholy spells of sorcery.
Inviting the chosen queen of the light to open the gates and to invoke the purity of the dark,
In the circle of beliefs, the priests dance enjoying the pain of the simple innocence.
Sacrificing the holy virgins of purest blood, onto the reversed cross drip tears of suffering.
Unfolding wings of lies!
Reppelling to farthest horizon, the light will forever be erased.
Howling of these nameless crypts, these cries will remain in the twilight.

Vanishing the light into its graveless tomb,
Obscurity veils the realm cursing all existence.
The sun is dying in the nocturnal kingdom,
The darkness in this empire is eternal!

From within the fire of eternity awaits the immortal elders.
Standing in the blue flames of blasphemy the presence of evil is rising.
Beneath the brightest full moon, the wolves's cries are the revelation
Of the coming of the greatest antichrist.
A darkened Martyrdom will born.