Cthulus Call Testo

Testo Cthulus Call

The smile froze on her ugly face as her head was smashed against the wall I found myself begging for sleep blood on my fingers and all over my clothes it was a day like any other my friends wondered why my hands were trembling Dirt stuck in my dry mouth when they found me in the forest they didn't look into my eyes because they feared they'd see themselves it was hot and they hit me hard the handcuffs were cutting my skin so deep You're twisted, frightened and night is falling you're sad and lonely Cthulhu's calling his call is sweet and tranquilizing won't you join him moon is rising so hush, my soul, after your fall there's nothing left but Cthulhu's call He made a mistake but couldn't regret it my boots left wounds on his ugly chin I took his gun and looked into the barrel but suddenly life forced me to stop I ached for the smell of earth and mud the forest smiled as I returned