Dreams Testo

Testo Dreams

Dreams Can this be true, can this be you Is this your hand in mine You smile with me and cry for me And all you are makes night and day divine I dare to want i dare to touch Your skin so soft and fair You breathe with me and sigh for me And every touch shows you how much i care With a pocket full of memoires And a suitcase full of dreams You get off the plane and wonder Will it all be as it seemed With a smile so full of grace and With a heart so full of love You face me, your eyes are shining Brighter than the stars above I dreamed of you i ached for you I felt this love was true You fall asleep right next to me And now i know that all i want is you With a heart so full of sadness And my eyes so full of tears I am left with all the memories and my overwhelming fears Do you know that all your beauty And your love is all i see And i'm desperately hoping that you will come back to me