Lullaby (Sandmans' Laughter) Testo

Testo Lullaby (Sandmans' Laughter)

Your pillow's wet, your sweat is cold you fear the stories you've been told your parents will stay out all night your trembling hand turns on the light Your room is empty, noone's there and still you sense him everywhere you close the door and lock it twice (but still you'll have to pay the price) Sandman's coming bringing sleep his dreams will make you smile or weep his laughter's heard all through the night pray that you get off with a fright You lay down slowly and afraid remember all the jokes you made about the sandman and his might your mind has changed now that it's night! You do not dare to close you eyes you know he'll get you otherwise you try to stay awake all night but fall asleep and lose the fight And suddenly your mind awakes and opens the forbidden gates the hellish powers go their way to take your silly life away You're overwhelmed by deep despair the evil grins fill out the air within the tenderness of sleep lies agony and pain so deep Your little heart, it beats so fast if only darkness wouldn't last you'd save your life if you'd awake and all your dreams would be a fake The sun arises, birds are singing there is a sudden doorbell-ringing your parents step right to your bed they're still too late, your heart stops dead And when youl isten to the crying for all the children that are dying you might once hear a quiet laughter it's Sandman, now and everafter