Slo Mo Testo

Testo Slo Mo

Dead end streetsI?ve seen the dead end streetsAnd I?ve seen the hatred they bringI?ve dropped my jaw and livedScreaming no until I saw it didNot good. But I couldn?t help but scream.How cruel it is for a world. To select whatIs or is notb eautiful. Only fools liveIn the days where the sun rises toSeparate and segregate. I understandTheir turmoil. But I can?t understandTheir ways. And I refuse to live thatWay because I live and I?ll toBe hate free. Hate free? that?s whatTurns the world. That conquers war.That?s what?s wonderful. That?s whatTurns this world. That is what conquersWar. And that is wonderful