You're Not Sure To See Tomorrow Testo

Testo You're Not Sure To See Tomorrow

I crawled out from the painof yesterdayI crwaled to you andI said all the things that yousaid to sayHave I said enoughDo you like itI know how you lovethese dirty gamesBut they're killing meI know how you loveto watch me begSo here I amDo you like itI don?t want to be a puppet for youI don't want to bite thehand that's feedingI don?t want to be a suckerfor you, yes youI hate myself for beggingI hate myself for stayingI hate myself for listening to youIt?s too little too late I can't escapeI?m begging you pleaseI changed all the things thatyou told me to changeI?m on my kneesDo you like itI just want to get outStuck inside of thisWaiting for something elseWaiting to existCan you offer me helpHelp for what I?ve missed