Let This Be The Death Of Me Testo

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Testo Let This Be The Death Of Me

Is this thing on?
This stage is my soapbox and I will stand proudly
as a man that is not afraid to voice his opinions.
I will use the voice that has been given to me
on behalf of those too afraid to speak.
This heart is my microphone and I will speak through it loud and clear.
You will hear everything that I have to say.
We have the power to change the world but we would
rather change our minds.
Why not try and do something with this life?
Don't you realize that we are running out of time?
Let's make our voices be heard.
This is our last chance to make a difference in this world.
We are surrounded by kids that are more concerned with how they
look then what they say. What have we become? Think about it.
Look around this room and try and find me an individual.
No, not a follower. I said an individual.
It was alot harder than you thought now wasn't it? Is this thing on?
I pray to god that a day will come when we all realize how powerful
we can be.The possibilities are endless, unless of course you are one
of the dreamless.
I stand before you a man that is not afraid to speak his mind and
I know I'm not the only one, stand with me, side by side,
as we make our voices be heard for the first time.
We will scream until they are deaf, we will sing until we are all one.
We will shake this building's very foundation because whether
you believe it or not. We can.
The kids with the soarest throats, will have the strongest voices.
Let this be the death of me.
If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die trying.
I'm gonna die trying to make a difference.
I will die with this microphone in my hand, I will die singing MY song.
I will die using my voice and I don't even care if this thing is on