The Swings Are Covered In Ash Testo

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Testo The Swings Are Covered In Ash

I'll pour the gasoline if you light the match.
We will never know true beauty unless we destroy something ourselves.
We have gone through life letting them tell us
what's wrong and tell us what's right.
It is time that we remind them that they can not exist unless we let them.
Let the light from the flames fall down upon us and
make us feel like shooting stars
because it is our time to shine.
We will show them what it feels like to have no control over a situation.
They have no say in what happen's tonight.
We have met and we have all made up our mind's.
Wasn't it them that told us we could do anything we put our mind's to,
and wasn't it them that
told us we would also never amount to anything?
I was a product produced by a company that was only out
to make money and rip people off.
But now I know who I am.
Take my hand and it will be alright.
Together we'll know just who we are.
Hand in hand we will make everything alright,
and tonight could quite possibly
be the greatest night of our lives.
We finally made something of ourselves. We made them feel like nothing.
Now they are the one's who feel helpless.
Let's all watch as our childhood burns down to the ground.
They have to rebuild and now we are the one's on top.
Life is what we make of it