Mandela Testo

Testo Mandela

When was the last time that you cared about something
so much in your life you were willing to die for it?
Would you ever be willing to defend the one true thing you believed in,
reguardless of what everyone else thought of you?
If it came down to your family, your friends, and your freedom
which would you choose to stand by?
In an ugly world where a piece of us is taken away (day after day),
whether we like it or not, our beliefs are all that we have left to call our own.
Bow to any god that you choose.
Never let someone else's belief's affect where your heart lies.
If you can fall in love with someone of the same sex
enjoy the true love that most people will never know.
If you have been beaten down, spit upon, laughed at,
neglected in anyway due to the color of your skin
wipe that tear from your eye and make a fist,
show us just how strong you can be.
Stand up for something that you believe in.
Actions are stronger than words and our intent is stronger than our actions.
Something is seriously wrong with this picture.
Get off your couch and fix the reception.
Religion, sexual preference, racial equality,
the hope to make this world a better place are our birth right.
They can never be taken away from us.
There are too many people in this world that believe in a fad,
their "beliefs"come and go.
Others just say they want to make a difference and continue on with their ways
and now we are all begining to sound like a broken record.
You are all broken but have the ability to fix yourselves.
It is just a matter of time before we are all dead wishing that we had truely lived.
Can you hear that?
We are still alive.