Aim Tastes Good Testo

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Testo Aim Tastes Good

Don't want to talk about that
Just want to talk about this
Don't divert my attention
My ignorance is such bliss
Rank and file
Day and night
Secure routine
I'm alright

I'm an honest man almost always
Only cheat the underserving ones
You know you've gotta draw the line
Anyway they're not my kind
Brick upon brick
Wall upon wall
I need more
Yet I'm not small

I'm a reliably man almost always
You know you can count on me
Chack me out I'm a regular guy
I mind my own business
Us and them
Me and you
Which way's out?
I'm alright

I buy just the things that I want
But the ads sure can help
You must respect and appreciate
My individual kind of style