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Testo Too Political?

Middle class liberals all make me sick
The communist party is a load of shit
The KKK can kiss my ass
They're all dangerous morons tied to the past
Each one tries to dictate their own point of view
Telling everyone their way is true
Each needs a ghetto to put their opponents in

Let's stop playing games and take a good look
At the vague values we're all taught from books
If dignity and freedom are every human's rights
Why do the few that have them all seem to be WHITE?
White collar crime is justified with MONEY!
While too many people starve in this land of milk and honey
And they build the ghettos to put the starving in

There isn't any honor dropping bombs
There isn't any glory killing human beings
It's disgusting and sick and always has been
Liberators become oppressors all over again
And the church stands on its wealth as it blesses the troops
Telling them that their way is so true
And they build ghettos to put their prisoners in