Nico Testo

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Testo Nico

You'll never know me and I'll never know you
When I look up, I see, it's untrue
You look so distant, so distant and cold
Across your desert shore you'll never grow old

Blond german beauty, distant and sad
Was that who you are or just a charade?
It was a pleasure then and always will be
Well all you own is still your secret side
La Dolce Vita to the dom at St. Marks Place
The exploding inevitable will never be replaced
Andy, the Pope, Ondine and Morrison you knew
But none of them could be as unique as you

Chanteuse chanteuse chanteuse

Frozen warnings chelsea girls
Not taken long lawns of dawns
Janitor of lunacy Julius Ceasar
Mutterlien the falconer
The end desert shore abschied
Ari's song afraid