Starvation Dance Testo

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Testo Starvation Dance

Who cares if they drop like flies
I don't even know their names
To me they all look the same
Swollen bellies and malnutrition
Really couldn't campare
To my problem I got this week
What color should I dye my hair?

Dance dance dance to starvation
Don't point your fingers at me
You can't put me to shame
I gave to Jerry's Kids
There's nothing that I need to explain
Teimes are tough everywhere
I can't make payments on my car
If thousands of people starve to death
It must be written up in their stars

Swollen bellies and skin draped bones
Milkless breasts and waterless wells
People scratching food from the earth
People scratching food from the earth
Sure these things get to me
But it can't be so hard
Why don't they do like us
And get themselves a master-charge

Dancing on their graves in Africa
Dancing on the mounds of dead bodies
In Southeast Asia
Dancing on the piles of dead children
In South America
Dancing on the graves all around this world