Against The Rules Testo

Testo Against The Rules

remember when you wrote me back
and told me it wasn't working out
with your new guy!
with your new guy!

and told me you were missing me
and wish that you were still be here
right by my side!
right by my side!
but now...
you disappeared without a trace
and made me really go insane
this time you really let me down

so everything is changing now
quicker than my blinking eyes
it was no surprise
was no surprise!

I'll probably just move to france
since moving its what we do now
and get over this!
get over you!

I'll do anything
and try to disappear
and hope that when you're kissing him
it will remind you how good we used to kiss before.

do you remember the first time
we kissed and then we said goodbye
against the rules!
against the rules!

promise me you wont forget
those times when we were more than friends
laying on the sand!
watching the stars!

so now...
there's no more wait
there's just forget
tomorrow its a brand new day
I hope you're really happy with now
and when the wedding comes around
I'll be in france!
I'll be in france!

so when the priest says
is anyone going to try stop this shit?
and you'll be waiting for me
to scream your name...
please don't flatter yourself
sweet love of mine
cuz I've been gone.