Second Floor Testo

Testo Second Floor

I'm looking for something, anything
just a little fucking thing
that will make me forget you

Something like that time when you lied
You told me you would never ever leave

So show me more lies, and don't ever smile
I'm looking for something so I can forget
you and your eyes, your beautiful smile
Just leave me alone

Looking back I know we had some fun
I wish it was something more than fun
We could write a movie to Hollywood
About a girl and guy who didn't speak
English too well but knew how to succeed
Cuz I fucking did!

Remember the time when you were asleep
on the passenger seat and you didn't know
kidnap to the keys. Tell me that wasn't awesome
Just try to find another guy that comes out with shit like that

How about the time when the hurricane came
and you didn't want everybody to know we were making out
So I jumped from your window
second floor
I busted my ass
Please leave me alone.

Yes I guess I'm trying to get over you
but it has been way harder than I thought
Even tho I know you fooled around
with some losers with tattoos an bald heads

So this is the story of me being stupid
You're living your life and I'm writing you songs
I don't know what to do... Why I'm waiting for you?