Sweet Little Nightmares Testo

Testo Sweet Little Nightmares

so you fucked with my heart
and that was just the start
of miserable years
getting drunk at the bar

and it's funny how things turned out
it almost took me by surprise
but I remember your old lovers
and maybe call me crazy
but I think this was just part of your plan

and I hope
that you get what you fucking deserve
and I'll forget
all those years that you kept me just there

and it feels kind of sad
no more cheers or goodbyes
but I've got nothing to lose now
it was all just a trap and
I feel like I'm winning tonight

Please forgive all this aggression
but it just took me by surprise
how last year you weren't married
and we were supposed to visit Paris
and today is just all in the past

and I know
the biggest problem was that I believed
in my head was according to plan

So this is my heart
in form of a song
so tell me how mad are
is this making you crazy
now you know
how I'm feeling tonight

Can't go back to sleep
cuz I know I'll be dreaming of you
sweet little nightmares
that turn into love songs
again and again.