Then You... Testo

Testo Then You...

Take my hand love
Please don't let me go

When you get closer
The world can hear my heart

I know you know
What you want from us.

So please just tell me now
I'm dying here.

Cuz I've been waking up
Hungover and down
For the past few days
since I saw you last
The soda machine
ate All my money
We still had our drinks
and talked about life

then you...

So tell me lover
I'm over these games

I'm thinking really hard
On how to let you go

So take my hand love
please don't let me go

Please give me a reason
anything, anything

Cuz I've been waking up
when starts to get dark
For the past few months
since I saw you last
Your face on a screen
I was sharing the news
That I told my mom
I was going to ask for your hand
Then you....