Probably In A Notebook Testo

Testo Probably In A Notebook

Hopped on the train the other day on route to Penn, transfer at Jamaica.
I observed strangers as they were looking through
The glass that separates the waiting room from the platform looking on.

I always seem to find some obscure beauty in my life on days that I feel less alive.

And on the train ride home I was staring out the window, and it only goes to show.
Don’t you hate to be alone? It’s only what we tell ourselves.
Cause when I got on the train myself, I was hoping to sit next to no one else.
So I just clenched and faked a smile.
You took the car out for a ride,
You were gone for quite a while.
Time enough for me to hide,
I took the bus out of this town
far enough until I was safe.
I never meant to let you down,
I hated that look upon your face.

Spend your nights wasting time, kissing every boy in line.

I know where I spend mine, Goddamnit on repeat, singing every word in awe.
One line stuck: “You were the last good thing I ever saw”

When I got home, I couldn’t find closure in that note.