Cancer Testo

Testo Cancer

We barely knew each others names,
yet talked for hours.

Sharing drinks on the back porch
on that cold december day.

And its funny how times flies
when your lost in a pair of hazel eyes,
watching the sunrise.
Now I’m taking an hour drive to this hospital
just to watch you die
and I cant grip this steering wheel.

And I’d dare the optimist
to find the good that came out of this
come I’m at a loss for words.

The weight is sliding off your bones
and your hair’s slowly getting thin,
leaving wrinkles in your skin.

The doctors said go pack your things,
so we found you a wooden home,
to spend the rest of your days alone.

And I hear those angels knocking at your door sweety,
don’t let them in.
No, don't you dare open.
Are you tired of breathing heavily
when you’re laying in bed at night,
trying to sleep? W
ell i’ll let you go if you’re suffering.

I spent hours up,
building courage just to pull this plug.

I spent nights awake,
thinking of the last words to say.

It was twelve o'clock when we got that call.