House Testo

Testo House

7 o’clock and I’m 7 deep.
Trying to shake off some chick who made my knees weak.
I plan on waking in a pile of puke from a night spent drinking to forget you.

I think I found bravery, he was dressed in wood and strings.
I embraced him as a friend and have been laughing at danger ever since.
If this is growing up, I’ve been a child far too long
Cause I am poised to take on the world with this bottle of Jack on your front lawn.

But I’m not telling you,

Cause I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news,
Cause I’d rather not upset you.
You said that everybody runs, well you were the one I ran to.
But you’re not here anymore,

Case and point:

That is why I’m passed out on this bathroom floor.

I guess everyone was right when they said I had a little more than I should’ve in the first place,
Let’s talk about your face and how I won’t never ever see it again,
don’t fucking show your face again.

You said the only place that you felt safe was in your humble home.

Well darling, I couldn’t find the key so I threw a cello through your window.

You’re not safe in your house now.
You’re not safe in your house anymore.