Go Gettaz Testo

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Testo Go Gettaz

(feat. Buddah Man)

[Hook: x2]
We some go getters, thug niggaz that's bout scrilla
Some hard hitters, focused on tilting your dob nigga
Some mob niggaz, debenere and suave niggaz
With both fists cocked back, ready to squab nigga

[Buddah Man:]
I'm a game spitter vault filler, wig splitter untamed gorilla
Cocked back like a nine mili', hard hitter no quitters
Go getter all about the cream, got a sawed off pump with a infra beam
4-4 black make heads ring, wet up the block and left the scene
Got bezeltyne pinky rings, M-O-N-E-Y ain't a thang
Boss hog the lane set it up with bang, diamonds against my wood grain
I'm off the chain ice glistening, TV screens in a Expedition
Fuck with me you might come up missing, bet you next time you'll learn to listen

Bitch I ain't finished...

I'm a ball-a-tician on a mission, FED's wishing can't catch me slipping
Wig clipping I ain't tripping, leave a stain in your brain with the mic I'm gripping
Ruger ripping can't slow my roll, verbal attack that's ice cold
My pockets swoll everythang go gold, sitting sideways on low pro vogues

[Hook x2]

I never trip I play it cool, if a nigga act up I spray the tool
That was one of the golden rules, if a bigga act up knock him out his shoes
I done paid my dues if you snooze you lose, we on our way making you the fool
Escalade with a big old pool, you already know how this kid do

[Buddah Man:]
This how it go I play it raw, coldest nigga you ever saw
Send hollow tips above the jaw, my AK put me above the law
I stay on toes I never slip, spit like a gat with a extra clip
Sawed off make you do a backwards flip, with a snub nose nine on my hip

It's fuck me nigga then you know it's fuck you, I don't give a fuck about you or your crew
Fuck a nigga like I fuck his boo, run a nigga shit like a train choo-choo
Dumb ass nigga like a bird coo-coo, shitty like a dog poo-poo
Still hollering hoody hooo, plus I'm still jamming Screw

[Buddah Man:]
Head first in the game on another page, pass me the mic I'ma wreck the stage
Floss through the club and I'm underage, like a buckshot slug out the gauge
Kinda hard to fade these niggaz know, verbal attack make these niggaz fold
Continue to tag these niggaz toes, until I stack six figgas or mo'

[Hook x2]

I'm like Hollow Man I move swift, fuck with me and I dig a ditch
Fingers on that big clip, fuck with me and I sink your ship
I'm a G you's a hoe, give me mine calico
Laf-Tex'll run this show, got the club hollin' uh-oh

Give them bitches some mo' Pop...

What it do I ain't tripping, pop in that ruger clipping
Steady sipping while 6-4 dipping, blades crawling like a catapiller
Watch out here's the bomb, give em box and 85 thumb
Better leave me alone when I'm in my zone, all you niggaz better lower your tone
When I'm on the phone with a yellowbone, people's game people's G
Got Alicia Keys right next to me, while she hollin' ooh papi
Laf-Tex we'll bleed the block, rawest dog we hit the blizzock
Sitting sideways at IHOP, while the trunk still gon pop

[Hook x2]