R.I.P. To Screw Testo

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Testo R.I.P. To Screw

(feat. S.U.C.)

[Hook: Cresia & Ronnie Spencer]
Thanks to Screw, for all the things you do
You can be my angel, fly me away

DJ Screw what it do, 2002 I'm missing you
Sometime I don't know what to do, I reminisce about riding in the blue
And following red it still turn heads, put me in a position to make some bread
Now everybody everywhere bobbing they head, thanks to you God bless the dead
Put me on tapes with freestyle flows, sitting on crates and sipping on fo's
Only the real Shorty Mac, Big Moe and A.C.T. you know I love you bro
I'm missing my dog I miss my friend, I never thought it would come to the end
Blaze on buttons they chop and spin, everybody running up when you come in
DJ Screw and Z-Ro the Crooked, to another level you know we took it
If they wanted a show 25 could book it, when the drama got on us you know we shook it
My reason for rhyme is you my dog, and I'ma forever stay true my dog
Gotta represent that blue eye dog, Robert Davis is who my dog
All my success and all my exposure, you came from a square metal soldier
Po'ing up the drank then smoke the doja, when my album blew up you said I told ya
You showed me the game simple and plain, my one and only dog
Guess I'ma meet you at the crossroads, till I die S.U.C. gon haul

[Hook x2]

R.I.P. to DJ Screw, hold it down is what we do
Blue Impala coming through, real niggaz kept it true
Gripping through the Southside, leaving hoes mouth wide
Po'ing up and showing up, rolling in that buck hide
But now you gone, can't call your phone can't call your home
I'm in a zone, steady ripping soul through microphones
Mayn it's on, cause you know your nigga got your back
Ripping shit on platinum tracks, C-Note still ain't having that
S.U.C., freestyles from P-A-T
We would sip all night, until we fell asleep
Fellow when you died, you know it got the best of me
But I'ma still work hard, for your legacy
Try to not let it worry me, my niggaz mean the world to me
Say what's up to Pac and Gator, I'm repping till they bury me
It's official, until I meet again with my nizzles
I'll be in the Benz rolling kin, that's for shizzle

[Hook x2]

S.U.C. we still gon ball, DJ Screw I miss you dog
In the studio with C-Note, and that Will-Lean out that Botany Boys
You know how we do we collide on tracks, po' up fo's and record on dats
Reminiscing bout the old times, plus a nigga still thinking bout Pat
All we got and still roll on, can't stop gotta stroll on
Telling your mama to stay strong, this is a sad song
I'm crying now because I can't hold back, Dead End-Wreckshop
Screwed Up Click-Laf Tex, trying to get this platinum plack
Even tax keep haunting me, the devil's standing tall as me
Trying to take my soul from me, but I got that Screw and that go with me

I love you Screw, I'll see you when I get there at the crossroads

[Hook x2]

For the 2K3 we showing up cuz, S.U.C. to the top and one love
I'ma wreck it and check it and do it all in they face, Lil' Trae blue-grey with tears on my face
Cause I miss you dog I can't cope, the day you left was the day my heart broke
Screw-U I gotta ride till I go, mob united for cash everybody know
And I'ma say so if you wanna ask me, body rocking and still crawling on 3's
Slowed down and this for all of my G's, Big Mello, Mafio and P-A-T
Nevertheless stress on my chest in the black rain, why me dog I hate to feel pain
I guess that's why I be known to maintain, right hand to the man I'ma rep the name
To the fullest Flip and Z-Ro, H-A-Dub-K, Note and Big Moe
Po-Yo and all the rest of the click, like Al-D say down South we the shit
Guerilla Maab gon mob for L-I-F-E, touch the mic and I'ma make em respect me
Get me a plack if the game let me, R.I.P. until the game take me

[Hook x2]

To Young 0-3 can you feel my pain, same old G stuck in the same old game
Over crumb situations that would stay in the rain, underground Hall of Fame gotta feel me mayn
This one here dedicated to the Don that's gone, true blue partna still holding on
Reminisce think back get high and blown, that Worldwide Players put you in zone
Way back making tapes freestyling in, got it bad took chance start pimping pens
Blowing smoke in the wind steady setting trends, at the pad acting bad started fast and thin
Screw you the Don man I miss you cuz, pray everynight for eternal love
Make a sing at the cross send it to the sky, and see the vision of you above
Friend like you I ain't never had, 'spired a young G to go get the cash
All night in the lab with the gift of gab, put it on my mind that it's the time to mash
Now the whole world screwed all because of you, Dat Boy Grace and L.O.S. gon kee it true
Turning heads rolling blue giving boys the flu, holding down the crown to reunite with you
G to the R-A-C to the E, S.U.C. feel the V-E-T
Grey dub tape wreckers in '93, more than a DJ he was family
One love to my cuz I'll be thinking of ya, forever and a day send down I love ya
Straight up baby, G-R-A-C-E L-O-S we love ya

[Hook x2]

[Mike D:]
Can't even express the pain, that I'm feeling now dog
Tears fall, everytime I got to write one of these songs
Everybody gotta go P-A-T, Lil' Gator
Mafio, Michael, Theus, Pat Lemon and Mello
I'm like damn, who's gon be next
They wonder why I sleep and creep, with a vest and two techs
My haters pray, for my downfall
For the love of DJ Screw, I continue to ball
Just hopped off lockdown, and H.A.W.K. killing this shit
Pok' still the Hardest Pit, Ke' the Don of the click
We out here going platinum, straight up shitting on niggaz
You can smile, cause you made it all happen my nigga come on

This is for my DJ, S-C-R-E-W
The whole Screwed Up Click loving you, until I die I'ma thug for you
Like Eryka Badu, S.U.C. we getting big
Please do't get it twisted kid, Will-Lean the Chemist will flip your lid
I did my bid and bring the pain, every city state I scream your name
Rep the game when my weapon dang, cock back and disconnect your brain
I'm holding it down for Texas mayn, coast to coast with this Texas gang
Show em how to stretch the caine, DJ Screw's a legend mayn
I ain't playing, Robert Earl shocked the world
With skills more valuable, than rocks and pearls
It's the Chemist trick and I'm in this shit, S.U.C. to the finish bitch
Botany's still independent bitch, S.U.C. to the end of this shit uh

[Hook x2]

[Ronnie Spencer:]
Fly away hmmmm, rest in peace baby