Mob With You Testo

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Testo Mob With You

(feat. Ben, Lady Kim, Yung Gun)


[Hook: Lady Kim & (Yung Gun)]
Boy I don't know, what I really wanna do
But right now, I really wanna mob with you
So what you do with your boys, is on your time
And as long as we together, we gon always shine
(girl I don't know, what I really wanna do
But right now, I really wanna mob with you
So what you do with your girls, is on your time
But as long as we together, we gon always shine)

I'm loving you baby, I know that you loving me too
How I caress your body, and always keeping it true
And boo, you the love of my life
We got two kids of our own, plus I made you my wife
I'm up in these streets, trying to live the good life
Wanting a house and a car, but my money is tight
But not for long, because things'll get better
Chasing the feddy in all weathers, got me clutching barettas
But I ain't tripping, there's a God up above
Just keep your head above water, he'll show you some love
It's not the end of the world, but we up in the last days
You gotta do what you do, and that's try to get paid
Because it's hard up in these streets, if you don't work you don't eat
If you real then don't cheat, stay solid as concrete
If in between the sheets, there's gon be some love making
Body shaking, and a bunch of penetrating


Girl you seen me at the Kappa, sitting on chrome
And ain't no doubt in your mind, you wanted to take me home
The bone is out on the road, cause I was the man
Can't you tell by the piece and chain, and ice on my hand
I understand, it's hot outside that's why I leave you home
And don't answer my phone, so you could leave me alone
Then get gone in my zone, while I'm thinking bout you
With no doubts in my mind, that you my one and only boo
So said you could be with me, and we gon make it happen together
Staying stronger than leather, in any type of bad weather
It's whatever, them FEDs want a nigga but can't find
And I'm still on the streets, ducking and dodging on my grind
And in time, we both gon have whatever we dream
Baby girl I love you forever, cause you my ghetto queen
And it seems that no matter what, I'm still doing my thang
So just chill, and one day you gon have a look at your ring


[Lady Kim:]
Baby, I know you gotta get your hustle on
I ain't worried bout a damn thang, cause the love we have together is so strong
I'ma always be down for you, this ghetto love is gon be staying true
So keep it real in the game baby, cause you know you know you drive me crazy

[Hook x2]

[Lady Kim:]
Your my baby, and I love you
Oh yeah I wanna mob with you, baby baby