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Testo CPR

808 Mafia

Aye, this my BPM, aye, this my BPM, aye, this my BPM
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah)
Leave his ass need CPR (CPR), just like GTA (GTA)
Vroom no GTR (Vroom)
Girl, soon as you done, wipe my peepee off (Ayy)
Blowin' on my watch, huh, clean my CD off (Ayy)
Bitches thick strips (Ayy), bitches thick strips (Ayy)
Bitches thick strips (Ayy), hoes with big hips (Ayy)
Skrt, stick shift (Skrt), bitches big lips (Lips)
Big guns, big clips (Clips), blue money, crip (Crip)
Shorty ate the tip (Tip), just came from a trip (Trip)
Fill cup then sip (Take a sip)
Court date I might skip (Skip)
Made my money flip (Money flip)
Won't fall, but might slip
FN got the grip

Let's get it
Aye, this .40 make you dip (Ayy)
We be on the dip (Okay), 061 the strip aye aye aye (Go, ayy, ayy)
Lean what I sip (Ah), like I keep a script (Ayy, hold on wattup, let's get it)
Niggas know how I rock (Go), FN on the Glock (bop)
Hustling on the block (Skrt), hustling on the block (Ayy)
Lil folks got the mop (Haha, go), looking for the opps (Haha, skrt)
We just got the drop (Ayy), we just got the drop (Ayy)
Slide smoke your top (Ayy, ayy), ride or get shot (Ayy, ayy)
Niggas hide, but we not (Skrt)
Niggas mad that we slidin' steady firin' up they block (Ayy, ayy)