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Testo ODR

On foenem
Go, go
BassKids on the beat
Fuck aiki, fuck the states, snitchin', we ain't for nun
You know how we rockin' man

Police out here tryna put the cuffs on me
Say it's a warrant for me
But I ain't goin' out like that's Need for Speed
They gon' have to come get up with me
Police say it's a W
Aye, what's up witchu? (Huh)
I ain't fuckin' with the judge, it's fuck you (Nah)
In the coupe, blowin' fruit (Skkrt)
If the laws pass me, they said a nigga through (Nigga through)
What the fuck I'm gonna do? (Huh?, Gonna do)
I'ma keep runnin' the streets, goin' Ku (Goin' Ku)
Doin' what I wanna do (Wanna do)
This bread lookin' wonderful, I ain't talkin' Wonder, dude
Whatchu want, one or two? Just don't get too comfortable
Niggas snitchin' everyday, tryna put the guys away
Put the cash up on the safe, who gon' die today?
I might go up on the run, but I got my gun
Smokin' marijuan', finna go spend them hunduns
I'm on the run, son
I'm on the run with them funds, son
Probation officer hate, nigga, fuck the state
I'm goin', I'm in the zone now
New home and new foreign now
They gon' have to get up with me, but this shit ain't gon' be easy
'Cause I ain't goin' out sweet, I'm prolly blowin' they ass down
It's funny, yeah, laugh now
It took funerals, niggas die now
Fuck aiki, fuck the states
They shop, but we ain't budge
I ain't with the police stuff, ayy
You be cuttin' up